Rather than turnarounds, The Uhler Group specializes in assignments for successful companies with excellent products that desire an even greater future. To create strategy, it is critical the company starts with the purpose of its existence, and moves to evaluating ways it can gain and sustain competitive advantage in both the mid-term and short-term. Strategy is a dynamically changing process that deals with brand, pricing, value differentiators, geography, relationships and sales channels. Asking the question, “how will IT change the basis of competition in our industry?” is essential. This forces futuristic planning not only to beat disruptive intruders, but to have the company become the disruptor themselves. Strategy is not only about what you intend to do, but it is also about pre-deciding what you will not do. This holds focus and through business repeats, lessons learned reduce the likelihood of future similar mistakes. Firms that can both fixate on an approach and have continuous improvement cultures are the eventual winners.