Robert B. Uhler
Robert B. UhlerPresident/Owner

The Uhler Group

The UHLER GROUP was formed by Bob to use his experience to assist senior executives, corporate teams, private equity companies and Boards with the successful execution of strategies for companies that already have a competitive advantage, rather than turn-around situations. Services include: executive mentoring, strategic prioritization advice, CEO time management, organizational evaluations, strategy review and advice for global market expansion and digital enabling ideas.

The UHLER GROUP assists senior executives in understanding the threat and opportunity of rapidly evolving growth, guiding plans to exploit existing competitive advantages for clients. We advise how to organize within a corporate power structure in order to elevate original competitive advantages. In short, the advice of the UHLER GROUP will generate energy, timely decisions and organizational priorities to exploit clients’ valuation growth potential in shorter periods of time.

CEO focus and elevation of their thought are keys to strategy leadership success. Always deluged in details and smaller issues, the CEO has to learn to create discipline to spend time and advocacy of future expansion. A CEO always has an agenda that should reach far beyond problem solving. That agenda advocates an alignment of the talent and organizational design to best stress the critical milestones of progress. The UHLER GROUP works one-on-one with leadership to shape a zero-based allocation of energy into the right activities and away from the less leveraged ones.

In addition, the digital age will revolutionize the economics of service and manufacturing companies that previously depended primarily on selling labor or using primary data sources. Exploiting technology-driven change requires new personnel expertise and should be a critical topic of a CEO’s strategic plan asset prioritization. For manufacturing companies, data mining holds the key to targeting the right buyers and creating competitively superior efficiency.

The enemy of IT-enabled strategic corporate transformation is usually more internal, rather than external, to the company. New approaches will threaten the organization’s existing power structure, especially in historically successful organizations. To be successful, tech-initiatives will have to be led by younger digital-comfortable personnel who don’t routinely have the authority to operate. Without senior executive awareness, skill and encouragement to overcome internal resistance, digitally driven transformations will flounder and fail. The UHLER GROUP places a spotlight on the change management prerequisites to best assure progress.