Robert B. Uhler
Robert B. UhlerPresident/Owner

The Uhler Group

Recent article published in FMI Quarterly, May 2014. The article summarizes parts of the speech Bob gave to fellow CEOs at the 2013 FMI-Farkas CEO Conference in Washington, D.C. where Bob was honored for his career accomplishments. FMI is one of the premiere management consulting firms serving the engineering and construction space.

I’m not really one for reflection. I prefer to look ahead, plan out
things and focus on the future. So when I was asked to attend FMI’s recent
CEO Forum and speak about my time as the CEO of an engineering firm,
I hesitated because I do not live in the past. I also know that it is hard to
talk to a group of experienced and senior CEOs about what they should be
doing, without looking as if you are standing on a podium of superiority. I do
not have any right to do that, and I didn’t want to come off that way to the
group. I was torn on what to do and how I could possibly impart any value
without offending my audience, who would undoubtedly be saying to itself,
“Who is this guy?” and “Who does this guy think he is?”   [+] READ MORE…